Samsung 2017 Smartphones Galaxy S8 Note 8.0 Gear VR 3 Gear & S4 Smartwatch

About Samsung

Samsung is an South Korean multinational company headquartered in Samsung town It comprises numerous subsidiaries and affiliated businesses. Here the new Samsung phone 2017 are going to launch with advance features and specifications to the users to experience the technology of Samsung 2017 Smartphones.

Here now new Samsung phone 2017  and release date which are encrypted with advance technology with below series, Here are the details which listed Samsung 2017 Smartphones Galaxy S8 Note 8.0 Gear VR 3 Gear & S4 Smartwatch. Now lets have a look on each and every device.

Samsung 2017 Smartphones Galaxy S8 Note 8.0

Galaxy Note 8.0

Note 8.0 wants to break the record of Note 7 behind by taking challenge of launching Galaxy Note 8.0.Samsung was not expected to repeat the issues related to batteries and its life. Here we tried out to bring the note 8 specs.

  • Note 8.0 has Dual display with Artificial Intelligence Voice Assistant and S-Pen
  • Galaxy note 8.0 expected RAM 6 GB & 128 GB internal storage.
  • Note 8.0 supports Expandable micro sd storage.
  • Samsung Note 8.0 is expected dual-screen display with stylus design.

Galaxy S8

Here the Galaxy S8 has no much difference when compared to Note 7. In addition we can say it is reinvention from Galaxy S7. The new Samsung phone 2017 s8 is flagship product from the company end, there are lot more features embedded in the galaxy s8. Here we tried out to bring the specifications.

  • Galaxy S8 has multi-sensor for rare and front cam auto focus.
  • S8 expected 8GB Ram & 256 Internal Storage.
  • Coming with USB-C jack advanced.
  • Embedded with Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 SoC, 10nm processor
  • Display 5.5-inch AMOLED &  4K display  with 806 ppi.
  • Samsung S8 is expected to release MBC 2017.

Galaxy A Series:

Samsung galaxy A series is has accompanied with three series as follows, A3, A5, & A7. Here are some updated features and specifications. All three phones are expected to come with a USB-C port in Samsung galaxy A series 2016. Forever expected to launch in January CES 2017.

Galaxy A3: Expected 4.7-inch.

Samsung Galaxy A5: Expected 5.2-Inch.

Galaxy A7: Expected 5.7-Inch.

Samsung Gear VR 3 Gear & S4 Smartwatch

Galaxy Gear VR2 & Gear VR3:

 Samsung officials has announced the next generations of VR headsets to be launched Galaxy Gear VR2 & Gear VR3 in Dec 2016.In addition the products are not yet released, still have to wait eventually the company is concentrating on design to adopt from the latest technologies like Microsoft and Magic Leap Technologies, which was confirmed by Samsung electronics.

Samsung S4 Watch

Smartphone is very famous with the technology it is designed and it is focusing more on technology with the launch of Samsung Gear S2. In addition the wearable tech has lost the steam after Samsung Gear S3 announcement . Moreover the Samsung want to bring out best devices which are more slim & efficient Samsung Gear S4 accompanied Exynos 7 processor Dual 7270. Samsung Gear S4 is expected to launch in October 2017.

Galaxy X foldable phone

Galaxy X foldable phone creating a breakthrough about the Samsung foldable smartphone. In addition the company is trademark for innovations and stylish designs of devices. Display capabilities and features is expected to enable the smartphone to be folded and unfolded, however we can expect the phone to be released in 2017.

Galaxy J series devices

Here Samsung also plans to release a new series of “J” Series(J1, J2, J3 and J7 ) phones and QLED TV in CES year 2017 and enables the user to update and devices are expected to support more battery life and to support advance processors.

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